North Carolina Unit Ownership Act

Chapter 47A

This Chapter applies to all condominiums created within the state of North Carolina before October 1, 1986.

Article 1

Section Name Section Number
Short Title 47A-1
Declaration creating unit ownership; recordation 47A-2
Definitions 47A-3
Property subject to Article 47A-4
Nature and incidents of unit ownership 47A-5
Undivided interests in common areas and facilities; ratio fixed in declaration; conveyance with unit 47A-6
Common areas and facilities not subject to partition or division 47A-7
Use of common areas and facilities 47A-8
Maintenance, repair and improvements to common areas and facilities; access to units for repairs 47A-9
Compliance with bylaws, regulations and covenants; damages; injunctions 47A-10
Unit owners not to jeopardize safety of property or impair easements 47A-11
Unit owners to contribute to common expenses; distribution of common profits 47A-12
Declaration creating unit ownership; contents; recordation 47A-13
Repealed by Session Laws 1981, c. 527, s. 1, effective October 1, 1981. 47A-14
Deeds conveying units 47F-14.1
Plans of building to be attached to declaration; recordation; certificate of architect or engineer 47A-15
Termination of unit ownership; consent of lienholders; recordation of instruments 47A-16
Termination of unit ownership; no bar to reestablishment 47A-17
Bylaws; annexed to declaration; amendments 47A-18
Bylaws; contents 47A-19
Records of receipts and expenditures; availability for examination; annual audit 47A-20
Units taxed separately 47A-21
Liens for unpaid common expenses; recordation; priorities; foreclosure 47A-22
Liability of grantor and grantee of unit for unpaid common expenses 47A-23
Insurance on property; right to insure units 47A-24
Damage to or destruction of property; repair or restoration; partition sale on resolution not to restore 47A-25
Actions as to common interests; service of process on designated agent; exhaustion of remedies against association 47A-26
Zoning regulations governing condominium projects 47A-27
Persons subject to Article, declaration and bylaws; effect of decisions of association of unit owners 47A-28
Reserved for future codification purposes 47A-29 through 47A-33

Article 2 - Renters in Conversion Buildings Protected

Section Name Section Number
Definitions 47A-34
Offering statement 47A-35
Time to vacate; right of first refusal to purchase 47A-36
Applicability 47A-37