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How To Properly Handle HOA Violation Notices

One of the battles that homeowners living in an HOA community face is how to properly handle situations when the homeowner receives a notice of violation from the homeowners’ association.  Understanding what the association’s board must do to provide proper notice of a violation is key. In general, a concept of due process, meaning notice and an opportunity to be heard would apply to rules violation processes involving homeowner’s associations.  This article is designed to walk members of a homeowners’ association through the processes involved in rules violations. 

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Know the Duties and Responsibilities of Your HOA Board

We all have what we like to think is a general understanding of the basic elements of Homeowners’ Association—there is a president, a board, and a set of rules that these nice people are entrusted to enforce. And the cursory understanding of these elements of an association are perfectly fine, until something happens. Upon the formation of a dispute between a homeowner and a homeowner's association, these seemingly innocuous details will suddenly be anything but.

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