Washington Horizontal Property Regimes Act (Condominiums)

Title 64, Chapter 64.32 RCW

This Chapter is applicable to condominium developments formed before July 1, 1990. For more on applicability of provisions of this chapter, please read Section 64.32.020 below.

Section Name Section Number
Definitions 64.32.010
Application of chapter 64.32.020
Apartments and common areas declared real property 64.32.030
Ownership and possession of apartments and common areas 64.32.040
Common areas and facilities 64.32.050
Compliance with covenants, bylaws, and administrative rules and regulations 64.32.060
Liens or encumbrances—Enforcement—Satisfaction 64.32.070
Common profits and expenses 64.32.080
Contents of declaration 64.32.090
Copy of survey map, building plans to be filed—Contents of plans 64.32.100
Ordinances, resolutions, or zoning laws—Construction 64.32.110
Contents of deeds or other conveyances of apartments 64.32.120
Mortgages, liens or encumbrances affecting an apartment at time of first conveyance 64.32.130
Recording 64.32.140
Removal of property from provisions of chapter 64.32.150
Removal of property from provisions of chapter—No bar to subsequent resubmission 64.32.160
Records and books—Availability for examination—Audits 64.32.170
Exemption from liability for contribution for common expenses prohibited 64.32.180
Separate assessments and taxation 64.32.190
Assessments for common expenses—Enforcement of collection—Liens and foreclosures—Liability of mortgagee or purchaser 64.32.200
Conveyance—Liability of grantor and grantee for unpaid common expenses 64.32.210
Insurance 64.32.220
Destruction or damage to all or part of property—Disposition 64.32.230
Actions 64.32.240
Application of chapter, declaration and bylaws 64.32.250
Applicability to common interest communities 64.32.260
Short title 64.32.900
Construction of term "this chapter." 64.32.910
Severability—1963 c 156. 64.32.920