Washington Homeowners’ Associations Laws

Chapter 64.38 RCW

This chapter governs the formation and legal administration of homeowners' associations formed before July 1, 2018, except to the extent the declaration provides that chapter 94.90 RCW will apply to the common interest community in accordance with RCW 64.90.095. For more on applicability of provisions of this chapter, please read Section 64.38.095 below.

We encourage all homeowners to become familiar with the laws and community documents that govern the management and operation of homeowners’ associations to ensure compliance and avoid HOA Problems. Please follow the red links to read the language of the law.

Section Name Section Number
Intent 64.38.005
Definitions 64.38.010
Association membership 64.38.015
Association powers 64.38.020
Board of directors—Standard of care—Restrictions—Budget—Removal from board 64.38.025
Removal of discriminatory provisions in governing documents—Procedure 64.38.028
Association bylaws 64.38.030
Flag of the United States—Outdoor display—Governing documents 64.38.033
Political yard signs—Governing documents 64.38.034
Association meetings—Notice—Board of directors 64.38.035
Quorum for meeting 64.38.040
Financial and other records—Property of association—Copies—Examination—Annual financial statement—Accounts 64.38.045
Violation—Remedy—Attorneys' fees 64.38.050
Governing documents—Solar panels 64.38.055
Adult family homes 64.38.060
Reserve account and study 64.38.065
Reserve study—Requirements 64.38.070
Reserve account—Withdrawals 64.38.075
Reserve study—Demand for preparation and inclusion in budget 64.38.080
Reserve account and study—Liability 64.38.085
Reserve study—Exemptions 64.38.090
Application to common interest communities 64.38.095