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47-16-1 - Short title.
47-16-2 - Definitions.
47-16-3 - Creation of homeowner association.
47-16-4 - Recording or filing of homeowner association notice and declaration.
47-16-5 - Record disclosure to members; updated information.
47-16-6 - Duties of homeowner association.
47-16-7 - Board members and officers; duties; budget.
47-16-8 - Declarant control of board.
47-16-9 - Proxy and absentee voting; ballot count.
47-16-10 - Financial audit.
47-16-11 - Contract disclosure statement or disclosure certificate; right of cancellation of purchase contract.
47-16-12 - Sale of lots; disclosure certificate.
47-16-13 - Purchaser’s cancellation of a purchase contract.
47-16-14 - Attorney fees and costs.
47-16-15 - Applicability.
47-16-16 - Flags.







    The Condominium Act [ 47-7A-1 to 47-7D-20 NMSA 1978] applies to all condominiums created within the state of new Mexico after the effective date of the act in 1982 (90 days after the 1982 legislative session ended.

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    47-7A-1 - Short title
    47-7A-2 - Applicability
    47-7A-3 - Definitions
    47-7A-4 - Variation by agreement
    47-7A-5 - Taxation
    47-7A-6 - Applicability of local ordinances, regulations and building codes
    47-7A-7 - Eminent domain
    47-7A-8 - Supplemental general principles of law applicable
    47-7A-9 - Construction against implicit repeal, amendment or expansion
    47-7A-11 - Severability
    47-7A-12 - Unconscionable agreement or term of contract
    47-7A-13 - Obligation of good faith
    47-7A-14 - Remedies to be liberally administered

    47-7C-1 — Organization of unit owners' association.
    47-7C-2 — Powers of unit owners' association.
    47-7C-3 — Executive board members and officers.
    47-7C-4 — Transfer of special declarant rights.
    47-7C-5 — Termination of contracts and leases of declarant.
    47-7C-6 — Bylaws.
    47-7C-7 — Upkeep of condominium.
    47-7C-8 — Meetings.
    47-7C-9 — Quorums.
    47-7C-10 — Voting; proxies.
    47-7C-11 — Tort and contract liability.
    47-7C-12 — Conveyance or encumbrance of common elements.
    47-7C-13 — Insurance.
    47-7C-14 — Surplus funds.
    47-7C-15 — Assessments for common expenses.
    47-7C-16 — Lien for assessments.
    47-7C-17 — Other liens affecting the condominium.
    47-7C-18 — Association records.
    47-7C-19 — Association as trustee.

    47-7B-1 - Creation of condominium
    47-7B-2 - Unit boundaries
    47-7B-3 - Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws
    47-7B-4 - Description of units
    47-7B-5 - Contents of declaration
    47-7B-6 - Leasehold condominiums
    47-7B-7 - Allocation of common element interests;  votes;  common expense liabilities
    47-7B-8 - Limited common elements
    47-7B-9 - Plats and plans
    47-7B-10 - Exercise of development rights
    47-7B-11 - Alterations of units
    47-7B-12 - Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units
    47-7B-13 - Subdivision of units
    47-7B-14 - Easement for encroachments
    47-7B-15 - Use for sales purposes
    47-7B-16 - Easement rights
    47-7B-17 - Amendment of declaration
    47-7B-18 - Termination of condominium
    47-7B-19 - Rights of secured lenders
    47-7B-20 - Master associations
    47-7B-21 - Merger or consolidation of condominiums

    47-7D-1: Requirement for disclosure statement.
    47-7D-2: Liability for disclosure statement requirements.
    47-7D-3: Disclosure statement; general provisions.
    47-7D-4: Condominiums subject to development rights.
    47-7D-5: Time shares.
    47-7D-6: Condominiums containing conversion buildings.
    47-7D-7: Condominium securities.
    47-7D-8: Purchaser's right to cancel.
    47-7D-9: Resales of units.
    47-7D-10: Escrow of deposits.
    47-7D-11: Release of liens.
    47-7D-12: Conversion buildings.
    47-7D-13: to 47-7D-16 Reserved.
    47-7D-17: Effect of violations on rights of action; attorney's fees.
    47-7D-18: Labeling of promotional material.
    47-7D-19: Declarant's obligation to complete and restore.
    47-7D-20: Substantial completion of units.