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  • The Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act prohibits housing discrimination based on age and marital status. For more information, visit the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and the federal laws page for more protections afforded to homeowners living in HOAs.

  • Michigan Regulation of Collection Practices Act, Mich. Comp. Laws § 445.251, et seq - regulates HOA debt collection at the state level and contains provisions similar to the FDCPA. The Act is administered by the Michigan’s Department of Attorney General.

  • Michigan Condominium Act,  Act 59 PA 1978 (MCL §559.101 et seq.). The Act regulates the operation and management of condominium developments. Site Condominiums must also comply with the Administrative Rules for the Land Division Act.

  • Land Division Act,  Act 288 PA 1967 - Michigan subdivisions are established under this Act.

  • Condominium Administrative Rules - R559.101-559.903

  • Attorney General Opinion No. 6577- Establishment & Regulation of "Site Condominiums"

  • Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act - Act 162 of 1982 - The state of Michigan does not have a statute dedicated to homeowners’ associations. However, most Michigan HOAs and condominium developments are organized as nonprofit corporations and subject to the authority of the Michigan Secretary of State. Thus, with regard to its organizational structure and general management, an association is subject to the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act.  To the extent an HOA’s activities implicate any consumer protection statutes, the HOA is subject to the enforcement power of the Michigan Attorney General. To find an association’s corporation status, homeowners can search the Michigan Secretary of State, Corporations Division.

    Below are a few important provisions within the Act:

  • Board of directors; management of business and affairs of corporation; qualifications; powers. MCL 450.2501

  • Regular or special meetings of board; location; notice; attendance or participation as waiver of notice; participation by means of conference telephone or other remote communication. MCL 450.2521(2)

  • Annual meeting of shareholders or members for election of directors and conduct other business; failure to hold meeting at designated time or elect sufficient number of directors; adjournment of meeting; court order to hold meeting or election; quorum. MCL 450.2402

  • Notice of time, place, and purposes of meeting of shareholders or members; manner; contents; notice of adjourned meeting; notice not given; attendance at meeting; participating and voting by remote communication; meeting without notice. MCL 450.2404(1)

  • Allow members to inspect the books and records of an account and minutes of the proceedings of its members, board and executive committees. - MCL 450.2485

  • Member's right to bring a court action that contain acts illegal, fraudulent, or willfully unfair and oppressive; order or relief; "willfully unfair and oppressive conduct" defined. MCL 450.2489