Title 2, Chapter 5

Subchapter A - General Provisions

Section Name Section Number
Fee Simple 5.001
Failing as a Conveyance 5.002
Partial Conveyance 5.003
Conveyance by Authorized Officer 5.004
Aliens 5.005
Attorney's Fees in Breach of Restrictive Covenant Action 5.006
Vendor and Purchaser Risk Act 5.007
Seller's Disclosure of Property Condition 5.008
Duties of Life Tenant 5.009
Notice of Additional Tax Liability 5.010
Seller's Disclosure Regarding Potential Annexation 5.011
Notice of Obligations Related to Membership in Property Owners' Association 5.012
Seller's Disclosure of Location of Conditions Under Surface of Unimproved Real Property 5.013
Notice of Obligations Related to Public Improvement District 5.014
Prohibited Fees 5.015
Conveyance of Residential Property Encumbered by Lien 5.016
Disclosure of Absence of Certain Warranties 5.018
Notice of Water Level Fluctuations 5.019

Subchapter B - Form and Construction of Instruments

Section Name Section Number
Instrument of Conveyance 5.021
Form 5.022
Implied Covenants 5.023
Encumbrances 5.024
Wood Shingle Roof 5.025
Discriminatory Provisions 5.026
Correction Instruments: Generally 5.027
Correction Instruments: Nonmaterial Corrections 5.028
Correction Instruments: Material Corrections 5.029
Correction Instrument: Effect 5.030
Correction Instruments Recorded Before September 1, 2011 5.031

Subchapter C - Future Estates

Section Name Section Number
Future Estates 5.041
Abolition of Common-Law Rules 5.042
Reformation of Interests Violating Rule Againt Perpetuities 5.043

Subchapter D - Executory Contract For Conveyance

Section Name Section Number
Definition 5.061
Applicability 5.062
Construction With Other Law 5.0621
Notice 5.063
Seller's Remedies on Default 5.064
Right to Cure Default 5.065
Equity Protection; Sale of Property 5.066
Placement of Lien for Utility Service 5.067
Foreign Language Requirement 5.068
Seller's Disclosure of Property Condition 5.069
Seller's Disclosure of Tax Payments and Insuarnce Coverage 5.070
Seller's Disclosure of Financing Terms 5.071
Oral Agreements Prohibited 5.072
Contract Terms, Certain Waivers Prohibited 5.073
Purchaser's Right to Cancel Contract Without Cause 5.074
Purchaser's Right to Pledge Interest in Property on Contracts Entered Into Before September 1, 2001 5.075
Recording Requirements 5.076
Annual Accounting Statement 5.077
Disposition of Insurance Proceeds 5.078
Title Transfer 5.079
Liability for Disclosures 5.080
Right to Convert Contract 5.081
Request for Balance and Trustee 5.082
Right to Cancel Contract for Improper Platting 5.083
Right to Deduct 5.084
Fee Simple Title Required; Maintenance of Fee Simple Title 5.085
Equitable Interest Disclosure 5.086

Subchapter F - Requirements for Conveyances of Mineral or Royalty Interests

Section Name Section Number
Disclosure in Offer to Purchase Mineral Interest 5.151

Subchapter G - Certain Private Transfer Fees Prohibited; Preservation of Private Real Property Rights

Section Name Section Number
Definitions 5.201
Certain Private Transfer Fee obligations Void 5.202
Notice Requirements For Continuation of Existing Private Transfer Fee Obligations 5.203
Additional Compliance Requirement: Timely Acceptance of Fees Paid Under Existing Private Transfer Fee Obligations 5.204
Disclosure of Existing Transfer Fee Obligation Required in Contract for Sale 5.205
Waiver Void 5.206
Injunctive or Declaratory Relief; Providing Penalties 5.207