Construction and Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants

According to Section 202.002 below, this chapter applies to all restrictive covenants regardless of the date on which they were created.

Title 11, Chapter 202

Section Name Section Number
Definitions 202.001
Applicability of Chapter 202.002
Construction of Restrictive Covenants 202.003
Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants 202.004
Withdrawal of Signature 202.005
Public Records 202.006
Certain Restrictive Covenants Prohibited 202.007
Regulation of Display of Political Signs 202.009
Regulation of Solar Energy Devices 202.010
Regulation of Certain Roofing Materials 202.011
Flag Display 202.012
Regulation of Display of Certain Religious Items 202.018
Standby Electric Generators 202.019