Texas HOA Liens law

Title 5, Chapter 51

Subtitle B - Provisions Generally Applicable to Liens

Section Name Section Number
Definitions 51.0001
Effect on Other Liens 51.001
Default Arising From Delinquent Ad Valorem Taxes: Installment Agreements 51.0011
Sale of Real Property Under Contract Lien 51.002
Notice of Change of Address Required 51.0021
Administration of Foreclosure by Mortgage Servicer 51.0025
Deficiency Judgment 51.003
Judicial Foreclosure Deficiency 51.004
Judicial or NonJudicial Foreclosure After Judgment Against Guarantor Deficiency 51.005
Deed-of-Trust Foreclosure After Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure 51.006
Trustee Under Deed of Trust, Contract Lien or Security Instrument 51.007
Duties of Trustee 51.0074
Authority of Trustee or Substitute Trustee 51.0075
Effective Date of Appointment 51.0076
Certain Liens on Real Property 51.008
Foreclosed Property Sold "As Is" 51.009
Sale of Certain Property Owned by Member of the Military 51.015
Rescission of Nonjudicial Foreclosure Sales 51.016