Texas Uniform Condominium Act

Title 7, Chapter 82

Under the applicability section “[t]his chapter applies to all commercial, industrial, residential, and other types of condominiums in this state for which the declaration is recorded on or after January 1, 1994. A condominium for which the declaration was recorded before January 1, 1994, may be governed exclusively under this chapter if either: (1) the owners of units vote to amend the declaration, in accordance with the amendment process authorized by the declaration, to have this chapter apply and that amendment is filed for record in the condominium records in each county in which the condominium is located; or (2) a declaration or amendment of declaration was recorded before January 1, 1994, and the declaration or amendment states that this chapter will apply in its entirety on January 1, 1994.”

Subchapter A - General Provisions

Section Name Section Number
Short Title 82.001
Applicability 82.002
Definitions 82.003
Variation by Agreement 82.004
Separate Titles and Taxation 82.005
Applicability of Local Ordinances, Regulations, and Building Codes 82.006
Condemnation 82.007
Venue 82.008

Subchapter B - Creation, Alteration, and Termination of Condominiums

Section Name Section Number
Creation of Condominium 82.051
Unit Boundaries 82.052
Construction and Validity of Declaration and Bylaws 82.053
Description of Units 82.054
Contents of Declaration for all Condominiums 82.055
Leasehold Condominiums 82.056
Allocation of Common Element Interests, Votes, and Common Expense Liabilities 82.057
Limited Common Elements 82.058
Plats and Plans 82.059
Exercise of Development Right 82.060
Alterations of Units 82.061
Relocation of Boundaries Between Adjoining Units 82.062
Subdivision of Units 82.063
Easement for Encroachments 82.064
Use for Sales Purposes 82.065
Easemnet Rights 82.066
Amendment of Declaration 82.067
Restriction Relating to Club Membership 82.0675
Termination of Condominium 82.068
Rights of Secured Lenders 82.069
Meetings at Which Amendments May Be Adopted 82.070

Subchapter C - Condominium Management

Section Name Section Number
Organization of Unit Owners' Association 82.101
Powers of Unit Owners' Association 82.102
Board Members and Officers 82.103
Transfer of Special Declarant Rights 82.104
Termination of Contracts and Leases of Declarant 82.105
Bylaws 82.106
Upkeep of Condominium 82.107
Meetings 82.108
Quorums 82.109
Voting and Proxies 82.110
Insurance 82.111
Assessments for Common Expenses 82.112
Association's Lien for Assessments 82.113
Association Records 82.114
Association as Trustee 82.115
Management Certificate 82.116
Obligations of Unit Onwers 82.117
Service of Process on Unit Owners in Certain Municipalities; Change of Address Required 82.118
Procedures for Filing Suit or Initiating Arbitration Proceedings for Defect or Design Claims for Certain Associations 82.119
Binding Arbitration for Certain Claims 82.120

Subchapter D - Protection of Purchasers

Section Name Section Number
Applicability 82.151
Liability For Condominium Information Statement 82.152
Condominium Information Statements in General 82.153
Condominiums With Conversion Buildings 82.154
Condominium Securities 82.155
Purchaser's Right to Cancel 82.156
Resale of Unit 82.157
Escrow of Deposits 82.158
Release of Liens 82.159
Conversion Buildings 82.160
Effect of Violations on Rights of Action and Attorney's Fees 82.161
Labeling of Promotional Material 82.162
Declarant's Obligation to Complete and Restore 82.163
Loans as Eligible Investments 82.164