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Find out what your homeowners association's rights and obligations are without the stress of hourly legal fees and costs. You no longer have to wonder what your association can, and cannot do under the law.

Homeowners associations are governed by federal, state and common laws created to protect and empower individuals and families living in these private communities. However, finding this information can sometimes be overwhelming and costly leaving owners with no access to the law that protects them.

Now you can access legal information from qualified attorneys, at an affordable price.  We believe that making the law accessible to owners will enable them to make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary conflicts.  

The legal research reports may include:

  • Primary sources of law in a given jurisdiction (cases, statutes, etc.) about a specific HOA Topic;
  • Secondary authority such as law reviews, legal dictionaries, legal treatises, and legal encyclopedias for background information about a particular HOA topic; and,
  • Sources for investigative or supporting information.

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