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Community Association Fundamentals in the Buckeye State

Homeowners associations are based upon a simple idea:  if all homeowners in a neighborhood chip in toward a common budget and abide by certain rules, the community’s overall standard of living will improve and property values will be secure.  Now, we’ve all heard horror stories about overzealous board-members making life difficult for other homeowners, but, fortunately, most associations run fairly well and really do benefit the neighborhood. 

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Q&A: Ohio Planned Community Act Provisions

The Ohio statute governing HOA’s is the Ohio Planned Community Act, O.R.C. §5312.01et. seq. (the “Act”).  The Act generally gives substantial deference to the declaration recorded by an association and requires that every association record a declaration and bylaws with the office of the recorder of the county in which the association is located.  O.R.C. §5312.02(A).  Ohio’s Act is less comprehensive than comparable statutes in many states and, consequently, communities are afforded more flexibility in their declarations than in many other

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