Florida Homeowners’ Association Act

Chapter 720, Part I

Part I - General Provisions

Section Name Section Number
Definitions 720.301
Short title 720.3015
Purposes, scope, and application 720.302
Association powers and duties; meetings of board; official records; budgets; financial reporting; association funds; recalls 720.303
Notice of association information; preservation from Marketable Record Title Act 720.3032
Officers and directors 720.3033
Architectural control covenants; parcel owner improvements; rights and privileges 720.3035
Right of owners to peaceably assemble; display of flag; SLAPP suits prohibited 720.304
Obligations of members; remedies at law or in equity; levy of fines and suspension of use rights 720.305
Failure to fill vacancies on board of directors sufficient to constitute a quorum; appointment of receiver upon petition of member 720.3053
Contracts for products and services; in writing; bids; exceptions 720.3055
Meetings of members; voting and election procedures; amendments 720.306
Transition of association control in a community 720.307
Prohibited clauses in association documents 720.3075
Assessments and charges 720.308
Payment for assessments; lien claims 720.3085
Estoppel certificates 720.30851
Financial report 720.3086
Agreements entered into by the association 720.309
Recreational leaseholds; right to acquire; escalation clauses 720.31
Dispute resolution 720.311
Declaration of covenants; survival after tax deed or foreclosure 720.312
Receivership notification 720.313
Passage of special assessments 720.315
Association emergency powers 720.316
Electronic voting 720.317