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Clearing The Air in an HOA: Guide For Members Dealing With Secondhand Smoke

The neatest method of adopting a smoking restriction in an HOA community is to include the smoking policy in the declaration when the association is initially formed.  For already-existing associations, though, a new smoking rule will require an amendment to the HOA’s declaration.  Typically, this involves approval by member vote, followed by recording of the amended declaration in the county land records.  Amendment can require only a simple majority, a super-majority, or even unanimous approval of members – depending on the declaration and state law.

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How Can Homeowners Handle HOA Disputes?

Homeowners who live in communities governed by a homeowners’ association (HOA) often run into a unique set of issues to deal with.  Whether it is rules and regulations that affect the usage and maintenance of property or difficult neighbors within the community, the potential areas for disputes to arise are plentiful.  While many times homeowners are able to amicably resolve issues, there are other times when that is not possible.  The question then becomes what is the best way to resolve disputes that arise with a homeowners’ association without turning the dispute into expensive, time consuming and stressful litigation.

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How To Find HOA Contact Information and Documents

Finding the homeowners' association linked to a property can sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming. The good news, is that you may not have to drive down to your county's office to retrieve the HOA information you need, thanks to google. This article will attempt to help you save time by giving you step by step instructions and directing you to the right government agencies where the homeowners association information and documentation are usually stored.

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