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Whose Job is That? Determining the HOA’s Maintenance Obligations

In a condominium building or planned development, the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) and the owners each have different obligations with regard to maintaining, repairing, and replacing different parts of the community.  If either the HOA or an individual owner doesn’t properly meet those obligations, it can cause problems for that owner, and often for other members of the HOA as well.  It’s important to understand who is responsible for which elements of the community, and what rights you have if the HOA isn’t taking care of its responsibilities.

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An Owner's Freedom To Display The U.S. Flag In An HOA Community

Although a Homeowners Association has the authority to rule a community in accordance with its governing documents, its scope of authority is limited under federal and state laws. For instance, an Association cannot adopt, or enforce a rule that prohibits owners from displaying the United States flag on their property, because the owners have the right to do so, under the law.

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HOA Violations: The Homeowner's Right to a Fair HOA Due Process

All condominium, cooperative, and homeowner associations ("Association") are subject to basic rules of due process under the law. Although the Association has a fiduciary duty to enact and enforce rules to promote health, happiness, and peace of mind of owners, the Association through its body of authority, must act in good faith and offer owners fair procedures... 

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